Hi! I’m Jack (27, they/them) and I’m addicted to television. I’ve been watching TV for as long as I can remember. My mother even taught me as a toddler to turn on the TV to watch cartoons so she could lay in bed a little longer. (Don’t worry: she could see me.)

I got my first TV at 12 years old. My grandmother had passed away and I got the TV I watched when we visited. I had the only cable hookup upstairs so the sky was the limit. My current TV has been with me since sophomore year of college.

I received my Bachelors in Theatre Arts and Gender Studies from The University of Iowa in 2011 and am currently applying to graduate programs for Film & Television Studies.

Now, I watch a ton of television and am always looking for good shows. I’m primarily interested in comedy, having studied at Second City and Nerdist.

Favorite shows: Arrested Development, Happy Endings, Parks & Recreation, Schitt’s Creek, How to Get Away With Murder